Software Features

The Best Quote System Anywhere!

  • Generate an unlimited number of comparison quotes
  • Quotes complete in minutes, saving hours each week
  • 100% cloud-based allowing access from anywhere on any device
  • Close more jobs on the spot, in the customers home

Manage Your WHOLE Business!

  • Workflow tools manage all open jobs
  • Integrates with QB accounting software
  • Appointment scheduler manages all sales and installations
  • Quote follow-up and employee management tools

Details About All of Our Features and Tools

Workflow Manager

Our comprehensive Workflow Manager provides your customer service department an all-in-one business tool for managing jobs in progress.

  • View Order Details screen
  • Products Manager assures all product ordering has been completed
  • Install Manager handles install scheduling & prints install worksheets
  • Job Status Manager allows time stamped status updates and follow up info
  • Automated customer follow up form to send thank you messages with one click.
  • Payments Manager to assure all payments are recorded and paid in full status
  • Editing tools allow for edits to customer info, sizes or prices even after sale

Appointment Scheduling

Manage all your employees, sales calls, service calls and installations from one place. Schedules can be viewed from anywhere too.

  • Schedule all sales, service and installs from one screen
  • Appointments can be viewed by any employee, from any device
  • Drag and drop feature to easily move jobs to different day or time
  • Start Quote button auto copies customer info into new quotes
  • Integrates with Google Calendar
  • Allows Day and Week viewing; multiple jobs can be scheduled for same time
  • Allows multiple staff to be scheduled for same job as needed
  • Color Key assigns color code to each employee
  • Assign employee access to view any or all other personnel's scheduling

Contacts Manager

Import existing contacts list; new ones are automatically added from all new quotes.

  • Import all your existing contacts from other programs
  • Add and manage contact info and store notes for each
  • Shortcuts start quotes or set appointments
  • Integrated with Google Map to view location of each contact
  • Assign employees to individual contacts
  • Record referred-by information for each contact
  • Shortcuts to all past quotes and orders for each contact

Creating New Quotes

This is the heart of the Windoware Pro system and it's the best at doing it's job anywhere.

  • Generate unlimited quotes and orders
  • Auto calculate prices for jobs to eliminate pricing errors
  • Save quotes & orders and view on any other device
  • Simple copy & paste tools for products save time in field
  • Drag and drop products for sorting any order
  • Manually enter items not currently in the system
  • Auto calculates the deposit and balance due with one click
  • Ability to hide the sizes on customer quote copy
  • Quotes can be saved as a simple measure sheet for installers, etc.
  • Ability to save multiple products per line item for comparison quotes

Quote Editing Tools & Additional Features

Manage all your past quotes from one location.

  • View the costs of any estimate with just one click
  • Apply any type of percent discount or price override per quote
  • Capture a picture of each window with our simple capture/save feature
  • Professional looking quotes and orders display your company logo
  • Quotes display a break down of all options pricing per line item
  • Finger swipe customer signature on orders with editable binding text
  • Option to add install fees as per item, percent, taxable or not
  • Option to print and/or email quotes and orders to customers
  • Customer quotes and orders send as attached PDF for a professional look
  • Works flawlessly with Laser Measuring Devices like Disto

Sales Leger

All new orders shown here allow for management of per job product and labor per employee costs.

  • Assign invoices to each order to manage job profit
  • Assign labor and sales commission costs per job
  • Filter sales by date range to view sales for a specific time
  • Sort or filter sales by employee and view sales totals for each
  • Edit/change the employee assigned to any job
  • View sales tax reports for any date range
  • Export tools to export sales reports for any date range

Opportunity Pipeline

All quotes generated through our system will automatically show here, providing the ability to record all customer follow up info and automatically schedule follow-up reminders.

  • Ability to verify that a quote or order was emailed to client
  • Ability to save notes with each quote for follow up tracking
  • Auto send preformatted messages to maintain contact with clients
  • Sort and filter quotes by sales rep to view individual reps quotes in progress
  • Hide/remove old quotes no longer needed to be viewed

Quickbooks Export

Users of QuickBooks Online can export all quotes from our system with just a couple of clicks.

  • All quotes entered into system will display on the QB page with export button
  • Ability to send single orders over to your QuickBooks account
  • Our system will store your QuickBooks quote & sales settings
  • The ability to export sales from our system is coming soon
  • QuickBooks desktop integration is coming soon too

Manage Your Products

The Products Manager is where all manufacturer's products are listed allowing for product's cost factors and markups to be recorded.

  • Choose from over 50 of the top name brands pre-loaded in our system
  • Over a thousand products available with all pricing maintained by WWP
  • Select and activate only the products and brands you want to show in your acct
  • Ability to assign a vendor's email address for sending orders direct
  • Adjust sell-for price points any time you want to run specials
  • Adjust cost multipliers whenever you earn better discounts from vendors
  • Pricing preview for each product to verify correct pricing

Manage Employees

Assign employees unique user logins for access control within the system.

  • Admin maintains total control over system
  • Employees can be restricted to specific user levels and information
  • Employees can be allowed to receive direct emails from clients
  • Employees can be set to view only their schedules
  • Employees can be set to view only their quotes
  • Managers can view all appointments and sort quotes and orders per employee
  • All notes saved to quotes and orders stamped with employee IDs

Account Settings

Here is where a lot of great features can all be set.

  • Upload your company logo and company info to display on quotes and orders
  • Save unlimited tax rates if you operate in multiple areas
  • Save preset responses to send customers for orders, quotes, etc
  • Save custom e-binding text for display below customer signature on orders
  • Pre-set installation rates, hidden surcharges, etc if necessary
  • Settings to turn on detailed install instructions, hide sizes on orders, etc
  • Powerful website builder is included with pro accounts

Saved Documents

A location to store important info that installers and sales staff need to access. Access can be restricted here also.

  • Upload all your manufacturers price guides for reference when needed
  • Upload manufacturers installation guides for installer access
  • Upload specialty window covering pics to show clients in the field
  • Upload proprietary price grids for products that may not be loaded in the system
  • Upload addendums you want to include with orders like child safety information
  • Document access can be limited also

Business Reports

One of our newest features is the reporting section. Numerous reports will soon be available to help direct and manage your business.

  • Generate payables reports with ability to filter by date range
  • More coming soon...

Fabricator Solution

If you are a fabricator who's looking for the ideal end-to-end solution where all your customers can simply click one button to send the order directly into your system, then look no further. Give us a call to chat about our newest product solution.

  • We're ready to work one on one to provide a custom solution to:
  • Track inventory and assign products
  • Create packing lists and pull sheets
  • Download and print all job cut labels
  • Manage your customers and ship to multiple addresses
  • Maintain your products in our database for your accounts

Sales: 1800-376-7994